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Dimensions selector and visualizer using slider input, classic input and a shape

Hello everyone !
So, I’m trying to build a page where we can choose a product dimensions with both an input and a slider input to look like something like this :

So far, I have that:

I’m facing some problems.
One is the binding between the slider input and the classic number input. The slider has to change the classic input and vice-versa. I try to use Custom State but I don’t know, it’s not working so far.
The second is that I have to display a dynamic shape(I’m using HTML svg and rectangle with dynamic width and height) and the top edge and the right edge of that shape have to perfectly be aligned with the slider’s handles.
Do i have to use anything other than the sliders ? And, if so, what can I use and what are the drawbacks ?
Thanks for the help !

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