[🥳 New Plugin] - Smoothest Slider Input - A wonderful and 99% customizable Slider Input

Hi all :wave:

Happy to announce I just released a new plugin called Smoothest Slider Input :partying_face:

:warning: The first 2 people to suggest a new feature for this plugin will get a free lifetime license for the app they want !

You can see here how it looks like :

You may want to see it in action.
:link: Bubble Editor
:link: Live Preview | Demo

:arrow_right: Auto-binding is supported on this plugin !

:arrow_right: Fields to be customized :
:heavy_check_mark: Progress color (currently purple)
:heavy_check_mark: Remains color (currently grey, the part that is not filled in the right of the slider)
:heavy_check_mark: Handle color (currently orange)
:heavy_check_mark: Handle hover color
:heavy_check_mark: Handle border color (currently yellow)
:heavy_check_mark: Start value (usually 0)
:heavy_check_mark: End value (usually 100)
:heavy_check_mark: Default value
:heavy_check_mark: Step

:arrow_right: Actions :
:heavy_check_mark: Set value (used to display a value inside a Slider dynamically)

:arrow_right: Custom states :
:heavy_check_mark: Min. Value
:heavy_check_mark: Max. Value
:heavy_check_mark: Current Value

:arrow_right: Events :
:heavy_check_mark: Slider value is changed

The price is currently at $4/month or $25/once.

Hope you’ll like it!


I will choose 4$/month instead of 25$/month, and you? :sweat_smile:
Great looking plug-in :+1:

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Ahah for sure @JohnMark … But I mean if you want to pay $25/month… up to you! :joy:
Thank you so much!

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You currently have the value displayed in plain numbers (67/100) printed via the slider’s output, but is there a way to perhaps overlay the slider itself with incremental marks (like if it steps by “2” and the start is 0 and the end is 10, then the slider would show 5 “step” marks) in the “remains” area - this would give the user a better visual feedback

Also another idea (not something i need right now) would be to give it a range option (two “handles” to work with)

Hey @taylor1,
Thank you so much for suggesting new features.
Please tell me the name of the app on which you’d like to get your free license.

But I don’t understand the first suggested feature! Could you explain it again, or maybe with some illustration ?

Thank you so much! :pray:

Something like this:

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That’s a wonderful idea @taylor1 !
Thank you so much.
I’ll implement it soon, and will keep you up to date.

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Have the ability to also use a range (if not already available) also make it so the numbers are displayed above the slider handle. The only reason I don’t use the bubble slider element is because I can not display the values above the handles easily.

Hey @boston85719,
Thanks for requesting these pertinent features!
About the range, it will definitely take part in the next update.
About displaying the values above the handle, how do you image this ?
Something like that ?


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Yes, I would like to see the numbers like that. Ultimately, should be customizable for color, sizing and if full round or a marker style like in example.

What would be a great feature for a slider plugin in my mind would be possibly to incorporate data so could show the sort of graph that some sites show indicating the number of results along the slider width.

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Hi @boston85719
All right!
You mean like Airbnb when choosing the price ?


Yes that would be cool.

(I know this is an old thread) – I could not see an option for VERTICAL, but that would be great.
Also, to use a gradient for the colors – example, to see the slider range go from blue (cool) to red (hot) etc.
Cheers :slight_smile:

I don’t think the auto-binding works like other inputs. In order for this element to save, I HAVE to add a workflow. Wouldn’t this mean that if I dragged it from 1 to 100 it would theoretically make 100 WUs? The way it currently functions.