Direct URL / Link to Login state of Login/Signup Popup

This seems like a question that should have already been asked, but I can’t seem to find it in the forum or on Google.

When an email is sent out, I want to say “Sign up” or “Login” now… upon signup, I can get them to the signup popup, but is there a URL I can add that gets them directly to the Login state? As it stands, it seems I have to get them to the popup, where they have to then click the login button to go to the login (as a registered user).

Is this question so simple that it never needed to be asked? I may be embarrassed if it is totally dead simple and I’m asking this! Nonetheless, I appreciate anyone’s help in advance.

You can either use query parameters or path parameters on the URL, then use ‘get data from URL’ to set the state of the popup to either ‘login’ or ‘signup’.


Then run a pageload workflow to set the state, using ‘get data from URL’ to set the value.

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Thanks for the quick reply… I’m not sure what this means, exactly, but I’ll try researching what you said and advise. I appreciate pointing me in the right direction. :smile:

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So I’m still having some trouble with this. I’m trying to basically link to the standard popup Signup form, but under the state when “Login” is pressed. Just adding “/login?mode=login” didn’t seem to work. I can’t seem to find what that login state of that popup would be and whether I can do a direct link to it. Sorry, if this is actually a very easy thing, but I’m spending what feels like way more time on this than I should! LOL.

If you’re going to use query parameters here’s all you need to do…

I’ll use the standard Bubble Login/Signup element template as an example, directly on the page (but it’s just the same if using a popup - you’ll just need to show the popup first on page load).

Firstly, make sure you know the state values needed to show either the login or signup groups (if you don’t know then check the conditionals of the groups).



In this example the state is called ‘mode’ and the possible values are ‘login’ and ‘signup’ - but you can use whatever state names and values you like.

Then, set a workflow to run on page load to set the state of the signup/login element (or popup) depending on the URL parameter, using the ‘get data from URL’ expression.

That’s it.

Then just use the parameter you defined in your workflow in your link - in this example: ?mode=login or ?mode=signup.

So to link directly to the login form use:

To link directly to the signup form use:

It’s probably a good idea to set an ‘only when conditional’ on that workflow, to only run it when the ‘mode’ parameter isn’t empty, and make another workflow that runs only when the ‘mode’ parameter is empty, to set it to a preferred default state value, so that if users land on the page without a URL parameter they can still see the form (whichever version you prefer them to see by default).


Thanks for the thorough example and screenshots! I know it takes some time to put that together, so I appreciate it. I understand what you mean now, and it is actually quite simple the way you describe it… BUT, here’s the thing… I’m trying to link the user from an email - ie. Sign Up or Login now (linking each of those to the respective popup on my homepage). I’m taking them to my index/home page, but not everyone coming to my index page (ie. if they just search for my app and arrive via Google) is going to want to get the signup/login popup until they click to log in.

In that case only show the popup on page load to those have come via the specific link (assuming you want to show them the popup on pageload).

Otherwise don’t show the popup until somebody clicks to login or signup.

So just add an ‘only when’ condition to the action that shows the popup, to only run when the required URL parameter is present.

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Ok, I’ll give it a shot! Thanks again, Adam!

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Finally got it, Adam! You were showing me the latter half of the solution, and perhaps you assumed I was already doing the first part! Hahaha… I should’ve warned you not to underestimate my lack of experience here! Nonetheless, the first part of the workflow needs to be “Show Login / Signup Popup” (on Page Load), THEN we can apply the “Set State” as you outlined. For some reason, I was wrestling all day with the fact that it was JUST setting the state, without loading the popup first!

Hope this can help another beginner who is coming across this as well.

Thanks again for all of your help and time, Adam.