Disable Workflow Timeout

Hi all, @neerja

I am building a Brand Mentions app that creates around 100 things per day, per user when we pull new data from an API.

Sometimes the workflow times out or says the app is busy try again later, is there a way to disable Workflow/schedule API workflow timeouts so it takes a long as It needs to process the data?


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The “app to busy” probably means you need to add more capacity or slow down your API workflow. Bubble seems to kill all processing if you exceed the capacity – not the ideal way for them to handle it, but not too much we can do about it right now.


Hmm, I had a feeling that would be the case for that, thanks.

Looks like I’ll need dedicated plan at scale.

I agree. I often timout just me scheduling an API Endpoint on an important list of Things.

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See if you can add more time between creating each API list item by upping the interval.


Are you using api workflows on lists?

If yes, instead of scheduling api workflows on lists, try to schedule recursive single api workflows.

That way, they should run one by one without maxing out your capacity.


Reece, try changing your workflow to a recursive system. If the amount of time it takes to process the full list reliably doesn’t matter as much, then this is the way to go. You’ll only need as much capacity necessary to process one item at a time since that’s how it would run.

@reger-alexander you beat me to it!


It’s not about processing the workflows.
I mean that the app timeout when the action “Schedule on a list” is triggered (when you see the upper progress bar)


Awesome thanks a lot for that! I’ll give that a go!