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"Operation timed out -- app too busy" when scheduling API workflow

I am retrieving data from the API and then making changes to the database according to these rules:

However, given that there are many data, I get the “Operation timed out – app too busy” message every time I click the button, and no data is saved in the database. The alternative would be to save the data in another database where the is only one cell that contain the list of all API data type data (see picture below), and it works smoothly, but the problem is that I cannot manipulate the API data type this way.

So, I basically have no solutions remaining. What do you suggest me to do?

Hi @sensei01,
instead of scheduling API workflow on a list, schedule a normal API workflow and go through the list recursively.
Check out this resource for more info

Hey while we are here what’s are people doing to detect when a recursive workflow has timed out.

Is there a way to know when this happens so you can setup up an auto resume function/workflow?