Disappearing Drag/Drop Group

Hi folks, I am having some trouble with disappearing drag/drop groups in my app.

In my app I have “Filter” buttons which opens a drag/drop popup for the user. These all work fine, however, on two occasions now the drag/drop element has just disappeared from my elements tree and no longer shows when the filter buttons are clicked.

The workflow for the filter buttons still references showing the drag/drop group (but they now will not do so in the app) and if I search for the drag/drop element in the “search for an element” bar, both of the drag/drop groups (original one + one I re-built) appear and I am able to view their edit/info popup box.

If I click “Reveal in elements tree” in the info/edit box it does not reveal them… anyone else experienced this?

For additional context, my app is a single page app with several different container style pages. I am wondering if the drag/drop’s have got lost in there somewhere and maybe found their way somehow in to one of the several container pages I have, however, after going all the way through my elements tree (expanding out all sections), they are not showing up anywhere!

Thanks in advance!

We just had a fully worked on page disappear and aren’t sure what exactly happened.