Issue with Draggable Plugin

I read earlier that some people were having issues with the draggable plugin after using the new responsive engine. I’m not sure if this is related to that or it’s a separate issue.

When I add a draggable group, it works as it should and I am able to drag the element. However, once I add the drop area, the draggable group disappears when I start to drag it. The drop areas will highlight when they’ve been dragged over, but the draggable group is not visible. Any suggestions?

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Hi there @ladd0393,

I recommend filing a bug report at


i started having the same issue just now today, and ive been using the draggable thing for 2 weeks with no problems, and last night was the first night i messed with the responsive view. didnt notice it break last night but getting into my app again today it is hidding the draggable now. 2 workflows hide the group and 2 workflows dont.

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