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Disaster Recovery for Bubble Apps

How do you all manage disaster recovery for your Bubble apps? I’ve been reading about the database restoration but I was wondering if there were other options you all utilized? Due to regulatory expectations for our clients, disaster recovery and the corresponding tests will be important, so I just wanted to see what other technologies you may be utilizing.

One part of your DR plan - is backing your data and App off Bubble.

Disclaimer - I’ve a commercial product -

A DR plan that is “we backup our data to the same place we store our data” isn’t going to stand up to Client scrutiny as a viable DR plan :slight_smile:

If you have file storage off Bubble (eg Wasabi, GCS, AWS …) - that simplifies part of the backup story.

Here’s a guide I wrote with links to the relevant parts of the Bubble manual

I hope that gives you something to think about on the Data and App side. I guess you could ask Bubble for their DR plan and then back that off against how you would recover your Bubble Application as a starting point.