My number 1 concern with Bubble and how to solve it


I´m new to Bubble (weeks) and setting up a system that might be critical to our business (kind of CRM).

  • Taking backup of the data is ok - CSV dumps, or triggered solutions.
  • Scaling, this seem to get a lot of attention but from my understanding no so much if you need to search in a lot of data that is private. This might be an issue in the future.

But my main concern is the lack of backup of the logic/pages. Even the Pro version has only 30 days. If I delete a page or do something - I can only recover this in 30 days - this is scary in my view.

At least Bubble should support a full backup dump - fine if they have their own filetype that only can be imported in Bubble and worthless anywhere else - but this would save me a lot of worries. Even if they had this in the Pro version as “Make a private/local backup once pr month” it would be great - so this would not compromise their business model. To me this would make the Pro version way more valuable.

What are you guys toughts on this?


You can backup your Bubble app on personal or higher plan. I do it every week just in case. Problem over +5 years: zero.


I agree let us specify an FTP site or S3 bucket to dump these things into for permanent backup

At that point let us just backup literally everything so we have infinite history of our app

Ah just what I was looking for - thank you!

Does this also include the date in the databases or is it just the logic/no data?


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Agree - that would be really great!

I guess parts of their business model would be against this.


Try exporting, then making a new blank app and importing, it’s just the app itself but I’m curious if it retains the plugins and everything (no app data though)

That´s good to know. So an App + data backup once in a while is a good idea - for us that is a bit paranoid about this :slight_smile:

And if you want scheduled, automated, offsite, backups of the database consider

Full disclosure - it’s my own product and just recently released.