Discontinued - PWA Creator - Free Utility (Built on Bubble) 😶

A little something I put together this morning:

PWA Creator is a free utility to transform your Bubble App into a Progressive Web App.

Check it out, convert your app, buy me a coffee, or whatever makes you happy. :slight_smile:



Currently in BETA… Please be patient :wink:


Legend!!! Does this use service workers?

Hi, just a few things. On the ‘simple functionality’ box it said “loads 2-3 faster”. Defining whether that means 2-3 times or 2-3 seconds or whatever it is would be useful for people looking for information.

You also have a double full-stop (period) at the end of the ‘how it works’ section 4. I’m not sure if this is meant to be an ellipses or full stop here.

Apart from that, it is an absolutely outstanding design. Could you explain the offline capabilities a bit more for me?

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@chad Indeed it does :slight_smile:

@lockymadera Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

You’re totally right, I’ll do some more benchmark testing and provide a more accurate number/description.

This was just mean to be funny… but I’ll change the verbiage.

As for the offline capabilities, this particular way just stores a cached version of the pages. So, should the user lose connectivity, they’ll still be able to see the pages. I’m currently working on some more testing and may add more features depending on the response here.

The basic functionality of this really fit my use case, as I didn’t need any fancy items. But, to get a bit more, I’d probably recommend users look at Jasonelle. @JohnMark has a good post on this.

Always open to suggestions


I definitely had a chuckle at it and I got it, it was just a little thing I noticed that it was neither a period nor a ellipses. I’d definitely keep the little comment you have there just fix those dots aha. That offline capability is really useful. I definitely think what you’ve made here is very useful for many many people.

Thanks so much @lockymadera! I corrected the verbiage.

More to come soon. :slight_smile:

Amazing work! Keep it up!

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Wow, very interesting. Trying it out right now.

In my first try I made a typo in the url. How can I delete an app?

More importantly… how can I actually use this? You mention the “its new home”*. Does that mean that I have to download the files and upload them to a completely new Bubble App. Or should I upload those files to my current app?

* - Since we’re iterating on the verbiage… let me unleash my Grammar Nazi. I think this is a typo.

I think you mean its (not it’s)

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Thanks @rico.trevisan!

Delete option added. :slight_smile:

Your current app. Provided it’s on a paid plan - you should be set. Download the files, upload to the root directory of your app. Then copy and paste the two snippets of code into the SEO / metatags of your app.

I looked at yours as an example. Photo should be a PNG size of 192x192. I’ll be periodically making changes throughout the app to make it easier, so sorry for the ‘please refresh this page’ banner :man_shrugging:

Ah! Thank you lol. Change has been made.


I absolutely love seeing that banner!

How do I go about handling Dev and PROD versions? I have to create one of each?

Yeah, about the PNG, when the app mandated I upload something, I just loaded the first picture I found. :blush: .


Works in both! I use my prod url when setting it up though.

Does this have functionality for push notifications??


It does. :slight_smile:

OneSignal Integration will be available in version 2.0. Here’s a few screenshots of it working (note: example only in windows for now)





Nice what a great guy. I asked for some one to make a plugin to add to homescreen and here you’ve got the home run!!


Will this work on any website, or only Bubble apps?

Bubble power :muscle:

Thank you for making this free (and easy). There were already other options out there (like this one) but making it free is defintely big for the community.

Just bought you a coffee :coffee: in the hope that you’ll keep developing it and add more capabilities/options :pray:

Can we maybe sponsor some features, if the need arises?


Hi! How does offline capabilities work? How does it get data from database when offline and how does it create new data when goes online?

@nocodeventure Geared toward Bubble, but the code isn’t tied only for Bubble. I suppose it would work anywhere else. :slight_smile:

@Lucien Wow! Thanks so much for the support!

The example you provided is indeed a good one, and i’ll be refining my way to try and grab the most out of PWA’s, as this was more of a beta to see if there was a need to work further on this. (definitely a work in progress)

Depends on what it is, but sure I’d be open. :slight_smile:

*If anyone created an app, and it was taking a while… When I woke up this morning, I noticed that my script had failed…

So… I wanted to know why! Turns out the error was when one person creates an app with a name, then deletes it, then recreates another with the same name - it threw my script off lol :thinking:

That’s been fixed, and anyone who had one pending should see theirs now in their inbox.