Discord: Invalid OAuth2 redirect_uri

Hi All,
I’m trying to create a discord sign-in in Bubble but I get the message ’ Invalid OAuth2 redirect_uri’ when I run the preview. Please Help!

Could you share your settings? A couple of screenshots of how you’re setting up the API Connector. Or are you using another plugin?

I’m using the ‘Discord API (Updated)’ Plugin… can you set it up using the API Connector?

here are the screenshots regardless

It’s OK to use the existing plugins, no need to create your own.

The App Secret is blank. I’m assuming it’s normally filled in but you deleted it because you were going to take a screenshot, correct?
(sorry if a stupid question, but just covering the basics)

You should probably use the generic redirect URL. In your screenshot, that box is unchecked. To do that, you will need to add that redirect URL to Discord.

ps: if you’re looking for a decent and simple screen capture tool, I use Zoho Annotator most of the time. (Chrome Extension link)

Thanks Rico, made it work.
Out of interest, what would the method using the API Connector involve?