Discourse SSO Needs a Guide (Or at least I do)

I do not see enough information on this plugin, as I can only assume most users that get the professional plan end up using SSO. This would be a very ideal thing to have, as I am not having ANY luck setting up SSO with Discourse.

There is no real information explaining how it works/how to configure it properly.

I got everything “configured” the way it is said to be via Discourse SSO module in the settings page, matched the token, setup the url, saved & deployed to live.

Now when I try to use the login in the forum, it takes me to my main bubble page, and gives me an “on_login” url param. What do I do with this?

** Yes I read the Discourse Connect guide, but I mean hell… We’re using bubble. Of course it’s going to be a little confusing for me.

Are you referring to our plugin or Bubble’s official integration?

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Bubble built-in version.