Using Discourse API

Has anyone taken advantage of the Discourse SSO integration? I have. I’ve got a Discourse forum setup on Digital Ocean that only lets users log in if they have an account in my Bubble app. It’s pretty seemless.

So now I’m trying to pull data back into my Bubble app from the forum. In theory I can get pretty much anything I want because Discourse is supposed to have a robust API. The catch is that it seems to be almost totally undocumented.

I’ve been able to authenticate in and get data back out.

What I’m trying to do now is identify users in the forum based on their Bubble unique id, which looks like it gets imported into the forum when the account is cloned as the “external id”.

can i set the sso without digital ocean involvement at all or can i achieve that from the settings of only bubble and discourse forum ?

I paid this guy to set the forum up for me

thank you , and the integration in bubble is not complicated ?

Getting the discourse forum to accept Bubble credentials wasn’t hard.
As you can see from this topic, getting the two of them to work together in any other way is hard, depending on what you want to do. Discourse is open source so its technology makes some weird decisions.