Display an interval of hours for calculating prices based on a service

hello I am a beginner and I would like to display information on a search result page like from 12h to 13h I managed using date / timepicker to display the date but I can not find the way to display the time as said previously it will be in order to calculate a price according to a number of hours I do not know if it is complicated thank you

Hi there, @2belivre… when you display a date/time in your app, you can format the date/time to only show the hour like this.

Because I made that exampe at 4:20 PM, the formatted result shows as 16 (which is 4 PM, of course), and I believe that’s what you said you want. right?

If you are trying to to get the number of hours between two dates/times, you can subtract one date/time from the other, and you can format the result as hours.

Hope this helps.


thank you i succeeded

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