Time interval not calculating

I need help with calculating time interval between 2 different times of the same date
I am just trying to get the hours between the two times on the same date

Its just outputting 0 all the time and wont update on the website

maybe my calculation is not written correctly im not sure, please help :slight_smile:

I think there might be a bug because it works fine when my end time’s date is not limited to maximum date of start time, but I need my end date to be same as start date

Try Date/TimePicker End-time's value - Date/TimePicker Start-time's value:formatted as hours

Hello @Sakura

Perhaps it is not working if the start date picker does not have the time value entered

Yep that would also be an issue if both inputs don’t have their date and time picked.

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I think a problem might be you are thinking extracting the hours from both and doing your subtraction is the way to go.

But subtracting the entire date-time from the other date-time and formatting the result in hours as suggested above is your better bet.


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