Display certain user's data on the page

Hi guys, my app is something link a Web version of Instagram. I’ve developed a page for editing a profile & page for the public.

I am struggling to:

  1. Assign a custom link for each user, so that, when a user creates an account, then his profile can be found by going to the URL: appname.com/username. (I still haven’t set a domain I do not have experience in doing it in Bubble + I am on the Hobby plan right now)
  2. Display the user’s data on his profile page for user-guests. I’ve used “Data to send” & assigned “user” type for pages, but now when a guest-user goes to see a certain profile then he sees his own data on that page.

Any help would be appreciated

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Any luck? I have as similar issue.

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@alex.p, watch this https://youtu.be/udqTvOJASuQ

Can’t do it with the username as the first path parameter (or what Bubble calls a path “segment”). However, it can be done with the username as the second path parameter…

Basically, the first path parameter must be an actual Bubble page. Then you can extract the username from the URL, look up that user, and display their info.

As for displaying user data to site visitors, there are a few ways to go about it. It might help to post some screenshots of what you’ve tried that doesn’t work.

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I had all working

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