Need Help Creating a Personal Profile Page

So I am a little new to bubble and I am trying to create a personalized profile page for everyone on my site, where their username is being pulled from the page url path. I am having trouble pulling the information from the url and doing a search based on that. Anyone got any suggestions?

Here is the profile page on the site.

Hi @michael4,

I suggest you take a look at Bubble’s documentation page and do the lesson called “Sending data to pages.” That should help with some of the concepts you need here.

In general, it looks like you’re heading in the right direction. You want some primary group to do the user lookup by username (username = get username from path) and then everything inside the group just reads from “parent group’s user.” In order to insert the username in the url, any time you navigate to this page with “Go to Page” action, make sure to add a parameter called “username” and the value would be some user’s username.

Keep in mind that the page will really only work if there is a username in the path. You’ll want to add a condition so that if there is no username in the path, you show some error message or redirect away.

I also have a related video on building an app search feature that you can check out here:

Hope this helps!

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