Display data event without clicking on anything

Greetings, how do I use this state of display data but without clicking on button?
(or without state if there is a way)
I need reusable element in repeating group (right one) to show data (image) from another repeating group (left one)

Repeating group

Reuse element image
SnĂ­mek obrazovky 2022-03-30 v 0.41.44

Reuse element itself
SnĂ­mek obrazovky 2022-03-30 v 0.41.32

This is as far as I got. Since I am not able to incorporate workflow. Have tried custom event and inputs value is changed
Any advice would be much appreciated.

If you don’t want the event to be on button click, then what do you want to fire the event? Page load?

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That I want to figure out. Now I am trying to make it from repeating group itself. By setting data sources on elements. Not quiet successfully.

I might try to put it on index but that does not feel quiet right.

This is one of them rohitandro2883

Sorry but I can’t really help you out if you don’t know what event you want to have it fire on. If you want it to automatically be there then it has to load on page load. If you don’t want it on page load, there has to be some other event that has to trigger it. It’s not really a matter of figuring it out, it’s a matter of you choosing what you want that trigger to be