Click a button, element/reusable element appears


I found a couple articles in terms of this, but the other members used it more for a repeatable group to display data. I am looking to find a way where I can click a Button or Group, and then a Reusable Element appears to input data into.

IE: Let’s say you are filling out a apartment lease form, it asks for tenant info. Then there’s a button you click if you want to add an additional person to the lease or you click a button to remove them.

OR IE: you are building a form, you want more than 3 multiple-choice choices, so you click “Add another option” and another one appears (See video link below for example)

Link: Screen Recording 2022-12-16 at 9.30.27 AM

you can create this with repeating group.
When you “add an option” you add an item to the list that is the data source of the repeating group, and a new element will appear at the bottom.

How you add an item depends on the source.
If it is a research on database then you need to create a “new thing” and the new element will appear once bubble updates the search automatically. Be sure to sort the search in a way that will have your new item at the bottom.
If you use custom state on elements you can set the state to the same state “plus item” your added item.

Hope this helps

I appreciate the reply!

How would this RP work if there are different types of elements? Let’s use Google Forms for an example. When I click the [+] button to add a new multiple choice or file uploader or something else, it adds that specific element to the list. RG would be continue the same design for each row/column.

I am trying to achieve if I click Button A then display Element A, if I click Button B then display Element B :slight_smile:

Just use conditions on the elements inside the RG cell to determine which to display, based on the type of question/field etc…

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