Display Data From Backend Workflow

Hi, I have a backend workflow that triggers a 3rd party API to retrieve a result. I then need to display the result of that in the front end, preferably in a state and not in its own data field.

Is there a way to do this?

Eg. User triggers Backend API workflow to retrieve a result (sometimes a list of results, which is why I’m doing it in the back end because the api will have many steps). The result is then displayed on the page 10 or so seconds later.

Right now I’m doing this by saving the result in a data field, however many times these results will be thrown out so I dont really need to be saving them, and some workflows would need to have many data fields as multiple different things are being retrieved from the 3rd party. It’s not ideal.

When I run the workflow completely on the front end I can save the result in a state which works perfectly, only some workflows are too likely too long for the front end, so I need to run it in the backend.

Is there a way to set a state of something from the backend?

Short answer: no. Sorry.

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