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Return Data from API - Can i capture the data natively in front end workflows?

Hello All.
I’ve got a backend workflow that creates a “project”. After project has been created, I want the front end to set a custom state of my page to the Unique ID of the project that was just created.
I’ve got a return data from API Step set up to do this on the backend workflows, but how can I capture that data in the front end? Is there a way to do it natively, or do I have to use the API connector?

Also, If this is something I need, should I just bring this functionality to the front end to simplify things as a best practice?

Thank you.

The backend worfklow can’t return data to the front end without having to resort to something like the API connector. Best to bring it to the front end. This simplifies things and may execute faster, since the front end no longer has to “schedule” the backend workflow.


Sounds good. Thank you

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