Display Data in a group on another page

Hey bubblers.

When someone clicks on button message, I want to display current page users data (conversation) in a group thats on another page.


I know there are a lot topics on this subject and I know, that this has to be done with URL Parameters, but I rly cant figure it out :confused:

I hope someone can help me with this.


Seems that this should be done via the data base …

Just create the message and link it to a “thread” where both or more users are present :grinning:

Thanks for your reply. TBH Im not sure that I understand what you mean by linking it to „thread“

In the action of “Go to page” check the option to send current page parameters. You will send the “Current page’s user” as a parameter to the next page.

I don’t know what you a tying to do in this second page…


On the second page I want to do the same thing as on the picture bellow. To Display Current Page Users Conversation.

But I cant use this workflow because the element is on another page.

Would be very happy if someone could show me how to do this. My app is almost done, and this is like the last function I need to figure out. :confused:

What element is in another page? The chat element? If yes, why are you changing the page? I am not understanding what you are trying to do… can you share a video of the issue?

Recommend use Loom to record… or share your editor….

Hi there, I already managed to solve this problem. Like you suggested, I needed to send current page parameters and than on the another page create a workflow "do when condition is true, get data from the page url.

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