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Display Data - Reusable group

I have a search function on my index page. When this button is selected, I want the user to be navigated to a 2nd page, and for the relevant data to be displayed in my repeating group.

I know how to display data in this group if the search box is on the same page, but how can this be done when the two are separated?

Have you checked out the “Sending data to pages” lesson?

You could possibly use this also

It is going to be a lot easier (and quicker) to have the search results on the same page.

You would need to send the search parameter as a page parameter as above (add parameters). You can’t send a list of things to a page, so you can’t do the search on the search page and send all the results.

Understand, that said if it can be done I’d like to go that route. Is there any reference material on how I can go about it? I havent used parameters yet


You are trying to send the results from page A to page B, after searching on page A.

Let’s say you are trying to pass the search result of searching for a list of Offers. You can create a new type, say Search Result, that contains a field Results which is a list of Offers.
Then you can use the action ‘Set list’ to save that list. You can now send the Search Result object to page B.

Another way is to send the search criteria to page B via parameters as indicated by @Kfawcett

Either approach works equally well.

Thanks for your speedy response George. I have decided to go the parameter route:

I have clicked send additional parameters, input a key and included the input criteria as the parameter to include in the URL

Similarly, on the page I am sending the data to, in the repeating group I have done a search for the type of content I am displaying, and as a constraint, I have selected the criteria (field) = get ? parameter from URL

This isn’t working as when the search button is clicked on the first page, the results in the repeating group have not changed.

I imagine this is because the “key” doesn’t line up to the field in my repeating group?

Hi Bradley, I am experiencing the exact same problem than you and I am stuck either way. Did you solve the problem?