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Display data in RG on weekly basis

Hello Bubble experts :wave:

I am unable to figure out the logic of displaying data in repeating group on weekly basis

This is my design

When i click “This week” button i need to display the data of current week & when i click “>>” icon i need to display next week data & when i click this icon “<<” it should show previous week data (Similar to calendar)…

Thanks in advance :pray:
Please help

Hi there, @anthony.viel… there was a recent thread that asked this same question, so check it out and see if it helps.


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@mikeloc Thanks for the response i saw that thread…
But it partially solved my problem

when i click “>>” (next) button twice i need it to display the data of after next week
I don’t know how is it possible

Ah, right. I think I 've got something for you… will post some screenshots in a bit.

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Okay, the same concept from the other thread still applies in that you are going to use the start date and the end date of a date range in a custom state to constrain the repeating group’s search. So, it’s all about how you set the date range in the custom state.

The way I have gone about it is to use three custom states. One of the states is for the date range, of course, and the other two states tell the system how many days to add to the start and end dates of the range.

When the icon to go to the next week is clicked, the custom states for the days are both increased by 7.

Then, in the second step, the custom state for the date range is set.

The workflow actions for the steps associated with clicking the icon to go to the previous week are exactly the same, except in the first step, you subtract 7 from the number in both custom states.

With this setup in place, the cs week range custom state always has the start and end dates of the appropriate week, and again, you can use those dates to constrain your repeating group’s search.

Anyway, maybe someone will have a better idea, but that’s what I’ve got, and I hope it helps.


@mikeloc Thanks for the detail explanation :+1:
I will try this & let you know as soon as possible…

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@mikeloc it works :tada: :clap:

Thanks a lot once again :+1:

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