Display Data - Online Store - PLEASE READ

So im building a online store and i ran into a issue, so the store lists the products within a repeating group that is on a popup group, i have a button that says details and it will open another popup listing the product details.
My question: is there a way that when you hit the detail button, it will open the popup and display that cells details. im having a issue with this… i cannot find a way to get that popup to display the cells details. or do i need to make a popup for each product??? please help fast

No need to panic my friend.

You just need to tell the pop up what data to display. In the workflow where you show the pop up, add Display Data, set the element and then Data to display should be the ParentGroup.

I’d avoid using so many popups.
It has a learning curve, but you could use a Group Focus that focuses on the Detail button.
All you have to do is set the Data Source, there are many ways of achieving it in bubble, you could Set a State when the Detail button is clicked that stores the data of that product, and the Group Focus (or popup) data is set to show this state that you set.

I actually love using Group Focus in repeating groups because it’s hard to setup first but you can see amazing results.