Display Data from repeating group in a Pop up


I need to display the data from a single row of a repeating group into a pop up or a new page.

How can I do it?

Set the content type of the Popup to the same Thing type of the repeating group. Then when a button (or some element) in the row is clicked:

  • Show Popup
  • Display Data: element = popup, data to display = current cell’s Thing

Everything in the popup would then reference “parent group’s Thing”


Hi Gaby! Thanks for your interest and help!

There’s a detail tho. I cannot see the option : current cell’s Thing, when I have to choose the data to display.

And another question comes up tho, what if I want to send the data of a single row, to a new page? I ask in order to have the option to send or display the data in a pop up, or a new page.

Thanks again Gabi! You rock! :wink:

You can use the Display data in group/popup option to send data. Select the relevant popup and you should see the required data

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Hi @anil, Thanks for the reply. However, I know this. The issue, is that I cannot see the option: Current cell’s Thing, in the options of the data to display


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