Display List as Text

Hi all,

I want to display each item from a list as text with listing/numeration, or something like:

  • Item #1
  • item #2

I tried this one:

(Arbitary text is: “line_break”)

But I’ll get this result:

  • Item #1
    item #3

Has someone any idea to achive this? Maybe I have to set a BB Code for beginning listing, like:

[] Item #
] Item #2


But I dont know how to insert text before all list items in the text.

Thanks a lot,

The correct BBCode for an un-ordered list (i.e. bullet points) is:

[li]Item 1[/li]
[li]Item 2[/li]
[li]Item 3[/li]
[li]Item 4[/li]

So, in your text element, use:

[ul]Search for Firmen's: each item's Von Lizenzen's Display: format as text[/ul]

Then, for each list item enter:

[li]This Text[/li]

And use a line-break (i.e. press the Enter key) as the delimiter

(you don’t actually need to use a line break delimiter here, but Bubble doesn’t like it if you leave the delimiter empty)

Great! Another question.

My repeating group is using shape for blue “row background”. The row’s height doesnt fit to the (long) text…

and that looks worse:

how can I achive a dynamic row height, that all items from the list will fit into the row?

thanks so much!!!

Don’t use a Shape for that… just set row’s background colour to blue.

no chance… I removed the shade an set the background color to white.
row’s height won’t size correctly :frowning:

I thought you wanted it blue?

Well obviously your layout settings are incorrect for what you’re trying to achieve, but without knowing what your current settings are it’s impossible to help, other than saying double check all the current layout settings for all the parent containers etc.

But feel free to share more info if you need some specific help.

Hey, another simple test:

if I resize the text element, the text will also wrap…:

I’m not sure what you’re asking?..

Any any case, it looks like you’re using Fixed layouts here… which is the opposite of responsive.

If you want things to expand based on their content then you’ll need to make sure you’re using responsive layouts.

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