Display List in repeating group

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to create a FAQ into a repeating group. My question and answer are organized as a list in one field, and I’ll display all of them separately into the repeating group one by one.

I think I have managed to display one item in the list in each row of the repeating group but the issue is, I have holes. Indeed, as you can see, only the last question of my list is displayed and the rest isnt visible.

I do not know why is it like this. I’ve tried everything but nothing, looks to be efficient.

If someone has any idea, thanks for your help in advance !

Here is the detail of my set-up btw.

Hey man you have 205 issues on your page.

There is probably 1 or 2 that relate to this box saying something like it has no parent group associated

Also make sure your search is populating results eg dont have any definitions.

Best of luck!