Display in a repeating group a list of pictures

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I try to display pictures in a display group, but these picture are stored as list in my database, and I can’t figure out how to do this :confused:
I want to have the list of pictures associated with one entry in my database, and new to this a button to download it

This is my database setup :

And the repeating group :

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The purpose of the app is allow to show data that I just have to copy/paste to Vinted (an eBay like marketplace)
So this page would allow me to have all the pictures of the item to put on the marketplace, and download them

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There are a few ways to set up the database. Here is an example:

File/Image (Data Type)

  • Image (Image Field)
  • Title (Text Field)
  • Description (Text Field)

Product (Data Type)

  • File/Image List (List of File/Images)

Then in the group you can show the one product.

In the repeating group you can display the List of File/Images

Does that make sense?

Let me know if you need some more help and maybe I can set up an example for you.

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Hope that helps! :blush:

Thanks, so I tried to make a group with this “Product” data type

And then I added a repeating group inside with this properties :

But it still consider it as a list and not at individual elements, and the image element have multiple files in source :

Let me know if this is how you have it set up.

The popup should be type Product. The data source will be empty because you will send it from the product search from the left.

Inside the popup you can have a repeating group. It will be type File/Image and the source will be the parent‘s (the popup) list of File/Images.

Is that what you have? Let me know. :blush:

Tryed, but always return list of image in the first item of the RG.

Link to the app :
(It’s the “Popup Go Vinted” item)

Thanks again for your time :slightly_smiling_face:


I had a quick look too, the reason may be that the Item data isn’t populated in the Popup correctly, I’m wondering why you’re not using the Display data in a group action as Step 1 here, instead of the set state in Step 2. You would then show the Popup in Step 2

It seems your Items’ Photos are a list of files in your Data type Item

But here in your Popup you have it setup as a list of images. It might create some kind of conflict for some reason

@ambroisedlg Oh, yes ! I tried but in reverse : so the “result of previous action” was not available.
I didn’t though to do it in this order.

For the date type (file and images), I tried with the same data type (image and image, file and file) and it always result as returning a list in the first RG element

(feel free to edit the app if you want to try stuffs)

Thanks you too for your time, love this community

@vnihoul77 I saw you made a few changes, is that solved?

@ambroisedlg I din’t update the app but yes I found an alternative solution by uploading each picture one by one thanks to @J805.

But still unable to use this system with a multiple file uploader …