Display list of data blank repeating group

Hello everyone i am building an SPA and i have gotten pretty far but im having an issue with the following
i have an rg that displays categories when a user clicks on them another page appears with an rg thats supposed to show current categorys list of products but the rg is blank.
I understand that its probably a stupid mistake by me but im really stumped and would appreciate any guidance.
Here are the categories

And this is what happens when i click on any of them

This is the display list workflow

Possible errors

  1. Privacy rules making data inaccessible
  2. Data not set properly in DB, so no categories do not have any associated products
  3. Your RG has no elements inside of it to display the values
  4. One of the 2 issues in your issue checker
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  1. its not this because i have it setup so that when you click on the category names for the products it works plus the data type is publicly visible

  2. its clearly not this as well as you can literally see the categories and their respective products
  3. it does have elements the as you can see in the picture above
  4. could you please elaborate?

here try it our for yourself

Sending an empty list = likely #2

Repeating group is empty = likely #2

Share screen shot of your database for the categories and be sure to display the list of products in that screen shot

hello thank you for your input i have fixed it i have a new problem now if you click on any of the categories go back and click on it again the page is blank nvm i figured everything out

What was the problem and how did you fix it? Knowing this will help understand your new problem.