Single data inside RG is not displayed in bubble

Hi everyone, I was wondering if you have encountered wherein you have that file in the database but unable to display it on the frontend… It’s been doing this randomly.

I was able to save a copy of a file in the database, however when I displayed it in a repeating group, one of the data insided of that repeating group is not being displayed. It’s like a list of details in a group… but just one detail was not displayed. No condition was created to hinder the display of that data. What seems to be the problem?

Any inputs would be greatly appreciated . Thanks

Hi @joan.gabuya,

I’m having the same problem lately: some information are missing in the repeating group. It seems to be a recurrent issue on Bubble. See for instance:

It’s so annoying.

I would recommend raising a bug issue.

Thanks. I appreciate this. About to submit a bug report