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Display Markers on Map when clicking on the search result

Hi, @NigelG @mishav

Could oyu help me?

I have a map with markers.
You can filter the the database and the results are shown in a repeating group.
When clicking on a marker, the repeating group scrolls to the corresponding entry.

So far so good.
I would like to have it do the same, the other way around. When clicking on an entry, I would like to have the marker displayed and the map zoomed to that marker.
However I seem to be unable to do that.

Here is a screenshot of my workflow.

Help much appreciated!:slight_smile:


Try the element action “Adjust zoom of GoogleMap”, looks like you are hot on the trail there already!

I have, it just resets the zoom to where I am now.

You will need to tick “set centre …” box.

Then put the address of the RG element into “Map Centred on”.

Play with the zoom - 15 is what I used on here …

(click on a map marker to display the place details, then on the icon to zoom).

I had tried that too, but your response just re-affirmed me that this was right, and must have made a mistake elsewhere.
-> I had set the map to center on my current location, so it would never zoom away from that.
undid that, now it all works.
Thank you!

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