Zoom to search results on Google maps

Hi all, I have the map setup so that students can filter results based on a variety of different variables. The filters seem to be working. But the zoom doesn’t seem to be acting consistently. Sometimes it centers on the filter results, other times it doesn’t. (desired action would be to recenter based on the current filter).

This is a dev version of the app. I have the filters setup as constraints on the datasource.

The “buggiest” path I have tried in the dev:
Filter location by “Eureka, CA”, then filter by “Ashland, OR” then change to “Hillsboro, OR”

What usually happens: the map centers on Eureka, then centers on Ashland, but then Does Not center on Hillsboro. If you scroll away (like to Europe) and then enter Hillsboro, it does recenter.

Any thoughts appreciated! Thanks!

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