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Display only results that the user is interested in

I followed the excellent ‘Build your first Bubble App’ tutorial on YouTube and re-created the recipe app. One thing I would like to be able to do is display only the recipes that the user has expressed an interest in.

On the User settings page, I’ve created 4 buttons…

…with workflows that add the words “starters”, “mains”, “desserts” and “cakes” to a list field called “foods_interested” in the User data type.

At the same time, I’ve added an edit recipe page, where recipes can be put into categories. One recipe is both a dessert and cake, so that’s been selected here.

Similarly in terms of workflow, the items are added to a list field called ‘Category’ in the ‘recipe’ data type.

Now I’m stuck on the index page. I’d like the repeating group on the page to only display the recipes that the user is interested in. I’m tried using the ‘constraint’ option in the “search for…” but I’m not having any luck.

Is the problem the fact that I’m trying to compare a list to a list? Also, how do I show recipes that are starters OR mains OR desserts OR cakes?

Hi! :wave:

Try this:

  1. Search for recipes, Don’t use any constraint

  2. After the Search For recipes insert a :filtered

  3. Select “Advanced

  4. Write “Advanced: This recpies's category is in Current User's foods_interested

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Thank you very much!