How to filter repeating group using user's list?

So in my app I have a list which is a collection of certain genres. Now I want to display content where the category of the content is in the list of the user’s genre. How can this be achieved?

Basically, I want to filter out the user feed on the basis of the interest selected by the user.

Can you share a link to your app please? :slight_smile:

Here there is a repeating group which shows various posts having a category. I want to filter the stuff by the current user’s list of categories.

Ok great, I set this advanced constraint on the search using This Content’sCategoriesList “contains list” Current User’s Categories:

This will filter the repeating group so that the Content’s categories list must contain the User’s categories list. If if the User’s list is “Action, Adventure” - the Content must contain both of those categories in its Categories list. Is this what you were looking to set up?

Well, actually you have linked the categories list with the user categories list. However, I want to have if the User’s list is “Action, Adventure” - the Content may contain any of those categories in its Categories list. The content has a field category which is a text field which contains the category of the post.

Basically, I want to filter the content based on the user’s category list.

There may be a better way, but the only way I know of to set that up is to use multiple ‘or’ statements, shown below:

This would be the setup if a User had up to three different categories in their list. If a User could have 10 categories, you would need to set up 7 more or constraints for each possible item in the User’s categories list.

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Well, I had applied this method but this works only for one condition. ie. or condition does not work here

It does work as expected; you currently have two Contents which have “categories_list” fields that are not empty, one with “Adventure” in the list and one with “Action”. Each of those are contained with your username’s categories list, and when the repeating group performs the search, only those items are shown:

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Oh yes it does .Thanks

Just a small problem. It is showing only one post of each category. In my database I have couple of posts with the category action but it just displays only one post. Why is that so ?

I’m not sure what you’re referring to? Your username has these categories:

You have one other Content entry which has the “History” category in its category_list field, but that is not contained within your Username’s categories list which means that it won’t display in the results.

oh. Got it.It makes sense now. Thanks a lot.

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I applied your method, however if a user only select 2 item from Multi Dropdown. Item#3 will be null, and the filter will show all data.

Please suggest me a solution!

Did you find a solution?