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Display selections from multiple options in a repeating group


I have made 3 selection groups based on 3 option groups from my database each with a state temporarily storing these selections. Now I want to display those selections in a repeating group below which elements match the options of the above selections.

I’m pretty sure it is just a constrain thing in the search field but I cannot seem to make it work.

Any suggestions?

I’m terrible at explaining things so here’s the problem in a pic…


Without understanding the dB relationships it is hard to tell

… fiddle with advanced filter which show at the bottom of the constraints when you do search things :filtered

Hi @cmarchan and thanks for getting back to my problem. Here’s the database structure. Hope it helps somehow.


Are those inputs nested?

Otherwise it would be straightforward to set the constraints. Just set them to the inputs value.

Else … when the input is set send the value to a custom set and have the constraint draw it’s value from there

… perhaps there is more than meets the eye in your UI … anyways, try the above and see of it helps :grinning:

Yup! A custom state solved the problem! Thanks a million!!!

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