Filtering A Repeating Group Via Option Set Difficulties

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Essentially I can filter by an option but I can’t get it to show Data unless a filter is selected. I want it to show all the data and only Filter when I select the appropriate filters.

I have repeating groups set to option sets. Then set a state from the repeating group via a workflow then use that to filter my main repeating group. This works great when working with text but I can’t get it to work with Option Sets.

Here the main repeating group I use Is In because it is a list.

The states I set.
green trimmed
green set state

Then I just have the inverse of this to unset the state.

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Hmm. That’s a tricky one. :thinking: Maybe we can try to help troubleshoot.

Have you tried this?

As an alternative, you can also save the text of the option set into your database too. That way it will work the same way as you do with text.

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I’m pretty sure this was solutioned by @J805

I would advise watching this video, it explains constraints and filters very well. The “empty search result” issue is also explained at around 2:30.

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Works perfectly now. I forgot to check ignore empty constraints. Thank you so much!

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Glad it worked! :raised_hands:

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