Display text dependent on condition

I’m sure I’ve read how to do this before but I can’t find instructions anywhere. I’m looking for a simple way to display text based on a condition. Basically, if a certain value is blank, the user should be told that “no value exists” but if there’s a value in the box, display the value. I’m sure I’ve seen a way of doing this so it behaves more like an “IF” statement in Excel and without having to use a series text boxes that are hidden or displayed depending on whether a value exists or not. Can anyone prompt my memory?
Many thanks.

Hi there, @joefarrowsmith… it should be as simple as putting a condition on the element that says when the field that contains the value you are trying to display is empty, show the text “No value exists”. Without knowing exactly what you are trying to do, it would be difficult to get more specific than that… but again, you should be able to use a conditional on the element to accomplish what you have described.



That’s it! I’m a bit embarrassed at how simple it was and how much overthinking I’ve done by going down this particular rabbit hole! I confused myself because I missed the Text option on Text boxes and was trying other elements. I can do this now thanks to your help. Thank you!

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