Text Element with several Conditionals appends

Hey guys!
I’m trying to show a content in a text elemente wich is a concatenation of several fields. Some thing like:

However, some of the fields may become empty. So, in first sight, seems that I would have to create several conditions in the conditional tab of the text element (one condition to each field).

Isn’t there a simplier way of doing this?

Not that I’ve discovered. It’s always been pretty tedious.


You can add some logic in your text using :formatted as text. For example;

Sample data looks like this:
Field 1: Has text
Field 2: No text
Field 3: Has text

In your text element it will look something like this. Ignore the brackets.

(Field 1 is not empty:formatted as text)(Field 2 is not empty:formatted as text)(Field 3 is not empty:formatted as text)

Then in each :formatted as text

(Field 1)

(Leave it blank)

Now the text will show
(Field 1)(Field 3)

You can add blank lines in the No of :formatted as text so it will add lines if a Field is empty.

(Field 1)

(Field 3)

Hope that helps!

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Actually, it worked very well! Amazing idea!
I’m very grateful! You saved me a lot of time!

Best regards!

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