Display the difference of a sum received

Hi everyone, I’m trying to display the difference of a number, I’ll explain:

I have a user who sends 5 tokens to another user who already had 3 tokens, when the other user receives that makes 8 tokens in total. Except that I’d like to display a notification like “you’ve just received 5 tokens”. Except that I don’t know how to do it, knowing that if I do “current user’s tokens” it displays the total sum (the 8 tokens). Does anyone have a solution? Thanks a lot!

(The notification system works, it’s just the display of tokens received that I’m looking for.)

Well… if you know that the User sent 5 tokens (which you must do), then just tell the other User that.

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But It depends, sometimes its 3,2, 5…

Just tell the User how much was added.

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