Display value of dropdown in repeating group

I want that when we select a dropdown value each time it show in a row( which is repeating group). and at last when we save the dropdown all selected value stored in data base.

so, there is drop down name add guest whenever user select dropdown value then the value store in repeating group just below it. and at last we can save that list of repeating group list of guest.

Please guide me .

Make a custom state on your page element. For this example I will just call it “listOfTexts” and make sure that the type is “text” and “is a list” is checked. Then for your repeating group you want the type to be “text” and the data source should be the custom state “listOfTexts”. Now add a workflow for when the input’s value is changed. Add an action to “Set State of an element” and select your page element and make the “listOfTexts” equal to “page element’s listOfTexts plus item: this input’s value”. Now every time someone selects an item from the dropdown it will be added in the repeating group. Finally when you want to save just reference the page element’s “listOfTexts” or the RepeatingGroup’s list of things.

There are various plugins that let you access input values from inside RGs, but if you want to do it in vanilla Bubble you’ll have to pass the selected value outside the RG so that you can access it on the outside.

You’ll also need a way to associate that value with the specific RG cell (either the object or the cell index).

So a custom state list of texts is the way to do it. (note: any time the value is changed you’ll first need to remove the text containing the previous value from that list, then add the new one)

In workflow i am not able to find things as you suggest can you help me more. I have set the value of repeating group to text and data source is custom state named as “guest” (list) in page.
But further in workflow i am not able to do it.

It looks like you have already selected “contains”. Click on the word “contains” and change it to “plus item”.

its done, but every time i click new value its only changing first element

Do you want to message me the link to your editor and allow me to look?

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