Dropdown values to reflect the data currently visible on a paginated repeating group


I have a repeating group, fixed number of cells in a 2 rows x 3 columns, that has pagination. So every page displays 6 data.

I also have a dropdown which should display only the data that are appearing on the page. So, only 6 dropdown options which changes to the value that are visible on the page whenever I click the next page.

Is this possible?


Thank you for your post! If I’m understanding that you’d like to have your dropdown’s list of options match what’s currently visible in the repeating group, you might try setting that dropdown’s choices source to “Repeating Group A’s List of Things,” for example. Let us know if that helps or if you have any more questions!

Hi @jess! Thank you for your reply! Yes, I’d like to do that however there’s a catch.

So I have a dropdown list calling from the repeating group. And the items displayed on the repeating group fixed number of cells (set to show 6 items at a time) controlled by a repeating list of numbers.

Currently, the dropdown’s choices source is set to “Repeating Group A’s List of Things” and it’s not showing what I want. If I have 10 things in the Repeating group, 10 options will appear on the dropdown list of options even if there are only 6 items currently displayed on page 1. I want is so that whatever is currently visible to the naked eye, is what’s only shown as an option.

Repeating group is showing 6 things on page 1 (of repeating number), then only 6 options will appear on dropdown. Then when user clicks on 2 (of the repeating number element), 4 things will be displayed on the repeating group so the dropdown should contain only those 4 things. And so on.

Hi @jess . This is such an interesting use case.

So, the choice source “repeating group’s list of things” will always show all the results. It doesn’t filter the said results according to page number. So we will limit the results.

I assume since you have the repeating group as a fixed number of cells you have two icons/buttons: “Previous, Next” to go to the previous/next page of repeating group. [We will need them in a bit]

Now, we make a state for the repeating group : start (type: number, default value: 1).

Dropdown will have the choice source : Repeating group’s list of things: item from #repeating group’s start: items until #6

Explanation: We will start the list from the repeating group’s state till 6. If you have 5 as the fixed number of cells shown at a time, you can write here 5.

Now, we will add the workflow to update the state each time someone goes to next/previous page.

For previous button workflow:
show previous of repeating group > set state “start” of repeating group: value = repeating group’s start - 6

similarly for next button workflow:
show next of repeating group > set state “start” of repeating group: value = repeating group’s start + 6

At last, we will hide the previous button when repeating group is on first page, and hide the next button when repeating group is on last page.

Hope this helps!

Hello @nocodelib thank you for helping out!

I’m really new to this so I don’t know how the workflow would work IF I have numbers of pages instead of previous and next ( I have 1, 2, 3 and so on)

In case of page numbers, we can change the workflow as:

go to page of repeating group: current cell’s number > set state “start” of repeating group: value = 6 * (current cell’s number-1)+1
If we open the brackets: 6 * current cell’s number -5

so for page 1, we have 6 * 1 - 5 =1
page 2, we have 6 * 2 -5 = 7 and so on…

Thank you! I will try this out! Crossing fingers this solves it

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