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Displaying a list-type on separate rows of a repeating group

I’ve been working on creating my first Bubble app, I have the entire workflow functional, except of course for the last step. I’ve been trying to figure this out for around a week to no avail, so help is appreciated.

The flow is this:

  1. A user creates a list of locations that they will send to another user (lets call it “Recommendations”). When the Recommendation is created, it consists of:

-Recipients Name
-Recipients Email
-List of Location Names
-List of Location Addresses

  1. The recipient receives an email containing a link to a page that will display the location names and addresses that were entered by the Sending User. The link contain a parameter called ‘Email’, so only Recommendations for the recipient are displayed on the page.

  2. On the page that displays the recommendations, I’ve created a repeating group displaying Recommendations, and created text fields that display the Location Name and Location Addresses. I want to parse through the list and display one Name and one Address in each cell, but currently it’s displaying the entire list in a single cell.

Any idea about how I can parse this list? Ideally, I think I would store each location as an individual Recommendation rather than all of them together in a list, in which case I wouldn’t have this issue. In order to do that I’m guessing I would have to run some sort of loop that creates a Recommendation for each location selected, but I haven’t had any luck in figuring out how to do that either.

Thanks so much! Happy to share the app is that would be more helpful.

I think it would be easier to create a separate recommendation for each one with a single location field, single name field, recipient and sender.

Then the repeating group could just be a search for recommendations with a constraint: recipient = current user (or the email in the URL parameter)

Not sure what your current workflows are for the initial location selections, but you don’t need any fancy loops. Just a workflow to create a new thing either when a selection is made. Either with a button click or if you’re doing multiple selections at one time then you can schedule an API workflow on a list so that a new Rec is created for all selections.

Hope this helps, but please let me know if you’re still lost.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

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Thanks Gaby! I think creating a separate recommendation makes the most sense, but I couldn’t really figure out how to do that given my workflow. Here is my app if you’d like to follow along: My guess (hope) is that I’m actually making this more complicated than it needs to be.

In this flow the user:

  1. Selects one or many locations that they would like to send to the recipient.
  2. Those locations are displayed next to the form on a map and list view so they can be confirmed or deleted prior to send them to the recipient.
  3. I couldn’t figure out how to store these selections in the client before the user sends the Recommendations, so I store them to a temp table I’ve created called Temp Rec. This allows me to display them on the Map and List View’s without pulling all of the Recommendations from the Recommendations table. This step is definitely sub-optimal (and will run into problems when there are multiple users committing to Temp Rec simultaneously), but I couldn’t figure out a way to do it more efficiently.
  4. When the user hits “Send”, the entries in Temp Rec are deleted and the Recommendation is created using the values from the Repeating Group and the Name/Phone/Email fields.

My thought was to create one recommendation for each selected location would involve writing a loop that creates a recommendation for each value in the repeating group, but I’m lost on how to accomplish this.

Thanks so much for the help, I’m looking forward to getting through this first project!

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