Create workflow when user clicks anywhere on repeating group row

I am new to bubble and I have a repeating group that contains a list of addresses. I want to create a workflow when a user clicks on a row of my repeating group it does an action. I would prefer not to add a button or make the user click on the address itself if possible. I just want them to be able to click anywhere in the row to activate the action.

When I open the Workflow and click on “when an element is clicked” my repeating group name does not show up in the list? Is there some other way to achieve this?

Just put everything into a group and run the workflow when the group is clicked.

I tried that but I could not get the data from the repeating group to render properly in the group? it kept coming up blank?

Hi there, @ken.newman… complementing Adam’s suggestion, you could also consider (if you don’t want to use a group for one reason or another) putting a transparent shape element over top of everything in the row, and attach a workflow to the shape element.


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Make sure the group has the current cell’s data as its data, and refer to the parent group’s data in all the elements inside the group (and in the workflow).

That was the issue!! Thank you!!!

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