Displaying 'a thing' in a multi dropdown field

My app is already up and running and one of my clients has asked me to make a change which is not that easy.

At the moment I have a thing (called Request) with a field of another single thing (USER). Now a client asked me to change that field (USER) into a list of things (List of Users) which is no problem for me to do. The issue is that I have many other clients on the same app that have already inputted a single thing (USER) with the REQUEST thing. Is there a way to have the single field show up also on a list of things multi dropdown or copy the single field to the list of things? There are thousands of requests so inputting them manually is definitely impossible.

Hi @steve5,

Create an API Workflow to run a Bulk Edit on the existing Requests with Single User values. After running that edit, you can deprecate the single User field.

The Endpoint should have a parameter for Request, and the action would simply be "Make a change to Request (parameter’s value): List of Users add This Request’s Single User value.

Go to Data > App Data > Request table

Probably smart to filter this table by any Requests where Single User field is not empty and Multi User field is empty to isolate the ones that actually need the bulk edit.

Hit the “Bulk Edit” button in the top right and select your API Workflow. That should do it!

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Thanks for the reply. I’ve set the API as you said but when I run no changes are effected. I’ve tried the same thing using just text and that worked fine. What I noticed is that there is some data in the List of Users but it’s empty text.