Using multidropdown on Edit Profile page


Is there a way to use the multi drop down to make changes to a user’s list of things? In context, it will be used on an “edit profile” page. Currently using a button to save changes when in text form but when using drop down or multi drop down, I am unable to change a field in the user database since it is a list. Thanks!

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Hi there, @nick.dingler… if the user’s list of things and the items in the multi dropdown are the same type (which I am guessing is the case), then what you described should be as simple as setting the user’s list of things to the multi dropdown’s value when the changes are saved. If that isn’t working, maybe share some screenshots so it’s easier to understand exactly what you are doing, and I’m sure someone will be able to help you out.


This is my intention, but when trying to configure it as you described, the multidropdown is “greyed” out. I think this is because they are not the same type. I have another type connected to the user type via unique ID. That being said, even though that was the case, I was still able to use the method you mentioned for a single text input field. Hope this makes sense

Sorry, but I’m not following you there. If the items in the multi dropdown are not the same type as the items in the user’s list field, you won’t be able to set the list field to the multi dropdown’s value… simple as that.

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