Displaying answer options

Halo, i am developing a picture quiz which displays images and 3 name options from the data base. i have created a database with true name and 2 aliases for each image.
how can i display the 3 name options in random order for players to choose the correct one. Thanks

hi @eddieatuha - not quite sure how your picture quiz works but some thoughts. For each picture shown, it sounds like you present the user with 3 names in random order (only one is the correct answer). You probably have a “name id” for each of the names (might be “1” for “name1”, “2” for “name2” and “3” for “name3”?). While I haven’t used it, the random # generator below could help you.

this is what i have so far displaying in a repeating group of item but would like to have the names randomised.

once the player selects an option the system should display true or false