Displaying current value from rg into a group

New to Bubble and still in the process to figure out how to develop…

I’ve been spending a week to create a type of selection which worked for a few items of the same type in 1 group. Selection of size/color/etc…

But after adding other items I ran into some issues and started to copy paste all the work here and creating another group to display again particular selections.

I recently discovered “Option Set” but I don’t think it will solve my issue.

So now I changed the display and instead of color text with custom states I display the items in a RG and want to pull the current cell’s item color into a group text to show the color value as well as pulling the current cell’s value into a group image to show the current image displayed in the RG.
But it seems I can only pull the RG’s list of … Image.

How to do this? I display current cell’s value in the middle size RG in the middle which diplay in the bigger one but still the value I pull from the main group shows me the first value from the previous group:

Thanks to help me figure out how to display current value from rg into a group!

Edit: In other words can I sort the result from a RG by “Current cell’s value” instead of #first item, #last item, #random item?

I think you can use custom state to solve this problem.
Create a custom state of element(i create a custom state for my RG). Second, i use workflow when click on the group(usr Set state of element = Current cell value). And in my result group i display a RG’s custome state

Seems like you want to take the selected color from a rg and show that selected color in a group.

I would make an option set of colors. Then have an rg of data type that is that option set and the datasource be get all options of that option set. Then setup a group that is of data type that is that option set but leave the source empty.

Then setup workflows for when the user clicks onto a cell in the rg to send the current cells option color to the group.

For example option set is called “Option-Color”. In the RG have a group that contains the text element. Setup the workflow for when that group is clicked to Display Data and choose the element to be the group and the data to display be the current cell’s Option-Color.

Yes prior to this I was using custom states with the color like here for the size:


The problem was “do a search for” this specific item’s color and it’s not reusable for other items. So changing to a rg displaying colors would be easier I thought.

I would like to have the same group/popup for many items. I’ll try to set states.

Still need to get that Option set setup right. For drop down I get it I watched the tuto. But for my case not sure.

Had to work it out tho pretty simple…

Now when I press “Add to cart” I have some issues because I had to change a setting in the workflow.

The “current workflow product” display the wrong item in my data so I need to find a way to set the current item displayed as the current workflow product.

I’ll upload more details with a new topic later.

Thanks anway, helped me improve my understanding of custom states!

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