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Displaying Data from multiple fields from the same item

I have a database of type products with fields of image, price, type, and brand

I can not figure out how to display those fields in the same container.

I want the container to display the image of the product along with that products brand, price, and type.

The example pictured is a sweater. Where I put “Search for products: random items image” but I also want that same random item’s price, brand, and type to display in the text boxes below.

I feel so dumb that I cant figure this out because I know its suppose to be simple.

Hi there, @nickleeders2009… it looks like all of the elements are in a group. So, set the group’s data source to the search for a random product, and in each element, refer to the parent group’s product.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, that worked!

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