How not to get all the fields data from a table in the Repeating group

Hi Bubble Community :wave: ,

I’ve a repeating group with Type of Content “Product”& data source as “Do a search for :Products
In the repeating group i am displaying just “Product_image”, “Name” & “Price”

While debugging i can see it is getting all the fields of Product table :frowning_face:
I just need only 3 fields information from product table (i.e. Name, Image, Price)

Is there is any way to not to get remaining fields of product table?
I believe it is causing performance issue (I am having thousands of products)?

This is my “Product” table

@mikeloc @adamhholmes @cmarchan or any expert please help
I am badly stuck in this situation (For some users their browser is getting stuck).

Thanks for valuable feedback :pray:


Hi there, @viquarahmed07… to the best of my knowledge, the options you have are to put a privacy rule in place that limits the results of the search to the desired fields (which could be tricky, depending on your setup) or separate the Product data type into multiple data types (which would be linked to each other, of course), and have one of those data types contain only the image, name, and price.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for your quick response :+1:
I can try for separate table
if it’s not feasible I think i need to switch to external database like Xano or others.

Why can’t bubble add some thing like this in repeating group datasource :face_with_monocle:.

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I agree with @mikeloc. You might want to explore Satellite data types and container data types. Using Satellite data types will greatly increase your app’s speed for Repeating groups.

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@ntabs Can you please explain me about “Satellite Data types
I don’t know what it is :slightly_smiling_face: ?

Here, check this out

Satellite Data Types In Bubble | Complete Guide.


@ntabs Thanks :+1:

Hi @mikeloc
I am in quite same situation
I am following this…

I am trying to do this :point_up_2: but the problem is when i click on any product i am navigating to product details page which needs to display more information (other than name, price, image)
Then i am getting stuck i don’t know how to link them…

Can you suggest me what to do?

Hi there, @anthony.viel… you could have a Product Detail data type, and that data type would have fields for all of the additional information you want to store for a product. Then, you would create a field in the Product data type (we’ll assume that is the data type that stores the product’s name, price, and image) that has a field type of Product Detail.

When a product is added, you would create a thing in the Product data type, and you would also create a thing in the Product Detail data type. After the latter is created, you would make changes to the thing that was created in the Product data type, and you would update the thing’s Product Detail field with the thing that was created in that data type. With that link in place, you would have access to all of a product’s info in the Product Detail data type by referencing the thing in the Product's Product Details field.


@mikeloc Thanks a lot for brief explanation :+1:
Also just 1 more question (Not related to this topic)
I have around 800+ products in my database
Do you think adding pagination will improve my RG loading performance ?

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Yes, most definitely yes.


Once Bubble starts returning only fields used, life will be great for many of us. In the mean time the suggestion above is one option or start storing copies of the same data in different tables depending on use. It sucks to maintain but it works.

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Hi @mikeloc
Thanks it fixes my performance issue :slightly_smiling_face:.

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